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I come from everywhere in the world...I go everywhere in the world.

The coffee roaster TAZZA D'ORO was founded (within meters of the Pantheon)in 1946 by Mario Fiocchetto.
At that time the raw coffee beans were imported directly from the country of origin (while today there are raw
coffee suppliers who buy it through the commodities exchange from the producers and resale it to the roasters;
green coffee reaches Italy by ship through the ports of Trieste,
Genoa, or Naples), which is why I went many times to South America such as to meet and get acquainted with the major growers.
After these trips, from a coffee passionate I became a true expert, to the point that when I came back definitively to Rome. I created the famous blend "La Regina dei Caffe" which has been transmitted and continuously improved generation after generation up to date. By tradition, we have always imported the best selections and most famous qualities of Coffee Arabica which contributed to make TAZZA D'ORO the preferred coffee house of the Romans and the most famous in the world. It is a historical local, with a clientele from all social groups, from the most important political figures to successful actors, the simple craftsman; from the woman manager to the housewife; from the priest to the student and where you can hear people speaking in so many different languages and at the same time meet a friend. But the roasting is not the only activity of the coffee house since you have the opportunity to taste at the bar different types of coffee, an excellent cappuccino and the famous granita di café, prior to buy any coffee of the wide selection available. Are also available, some of our specialties such as the coffee beans covered with chocolate, Reginella waffers, and our excellent coffee Liqueur "Aroma di Roma"; gift packs of the best coffees and chocolate as our philosophy is to offer the best value for money (best quality at a competitive price). If you want to offer a nice gift to a friend or a person for whom you care, then at TAZZA D'ORO you will find such special and original ideas that will satisfy hi and more importantly make hime grateful to you for life.


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